Future of Public Service

2013 & beyond
Bounce Imaging Explorer
Bounce Imaging, a 2013 IDEAS Global Challenge
winner, developed a throwable ball that can
be thrown into an unseen space, where its
built-in camera and sensors transmit crucial
information to first responders.
Esther Jang '14 traveled to Tanzania as a
PSC Fellow, where she established a wireless
Internet connection for a remote middle school.

As 2013 is our 25th anniversary year, it is a great time to celebrate the tremendous public service work of the MIT community. However, the stories on this site are just a taste of the past 25 years. We want to hear from you and all members of the extended MIT community. Share your own public service story, whether you engaged with a community locally or abroad, individually or with a group, or through the PSC or otherwise. Though the PSC has been at MIT for 25 years, an ethic of public service has been at the core of MIT since its founding, so we also want to hear about pre-1988 public service stories.

Since our founding, some of the many innovative efforts we have seen include a 25-year commitment to local and U.S. education, a filter that has purified water for 100,000 people in Nepal, a lever-powered wheelchair that has been deployed around the world, and a sanitation infrastructure that serves 8,000 people a day in Kenya.

While our 25th anniversary is a great time to reflect on the past, we're also very excited about the future of public service at MIT. What will this future bring? We invite you to join us to learn together.

We'll need your help to support our continued growth and enable MIT students to tackle the increasing number of challenges facing this world. Learn how you can support the PSC to ensure that our current needs and future potential are met, and learn how you can get involved.